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AM Golf Apparel

The Tropics TourSoft Glove

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A.M. Golf Apparel Tour Soft gloves are high end performance golf gloves, designed with style in mind. We send you out to the course with the right vibe. Whether it's pin seeking, long drives or high fives, whatever got you out there, we've got you covered (well your hand at least).  


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Product Spec:

Premium Tour Soft Cabretta leather
Each of our gloves is made using premium Tour Soft Cabretta leather, akin to that used only on flagship model gloves from other big name brands in Golf. Inferior synthetic materials have flooded the market which impacts that all important sense of touch, feel and control you need to stay connected to the golf club throughout the swing. For evidence of this just look to committed golfers and the professionals, you'll see they only use premium material gloves.

Imaginative bold design
Style is important, it breeds confidence and that confidence is key to playing good golf. No one ever stood over the ball shaking with self-doubt and played their best round of golf. Bringing good energy, confidence and style to your game supports a positive mindset. We design the gloves, how you style it out is up to you. 

Golf Fashion has evolved significantly in recent years, we've all seen wild Polo shirts dominate the market, we're offering something different. Our designs are a unique way to take that style and express yourself on the golf course. Block colour or vibrant polo, it'll be you and your glove that catches the eye.

High Tech Digital Printing
Our manufacturing process uses state of the art digital printing techniques to produce high definition quality print designs. Whilst here's hoping to 365 days of sunshine golf per year we've tested the gloves in all conditions to know the specialised print design stands up to the conditions as long as you can.

Increased durability
We've added a palm pad to increase the durability and therefore longevity of your new glove. Testing shows that one of the most vulnerable areas of any golf glove is the heel of the palm where the club grip contacts. This second layer of protective leather does not intrude on feel, but works to enhance the durability of the glove.

Fit & Feel
Our fit is minimalist by design. We've opted for a reduced cuff which offers players that coveted tailored look that many other gloves do not offer. The gloves are also designed to give a second skin feel, don't be surprised if they feel tight on first wear. Finally, we've included pinholes to aid with wicking moisture from the skin.